Humbly shepherded the congregation and placed his focus on Christian development and involvement, but Pastor John Bowie, Sr. would receive a directive from the Lord to announce his retirement as Pastor of True Light to become effective at the end of March 2011.  On January 2011, Reverend Bowie officially made his retirement announcement before the congregation.


During his statement to the church, Reverend Bowie apprised the congregation that he will make the retirement effective on the second Sunday in July of 2011, the eighteenth anniversary of his service as Pastor of True Light Missionary Baptist church.  In his letter, he stated:  “God wants and needs True Light to become humble before Him, to pray, to seek his face, to turn from their ways to His ways so He could forgive, heal and provide whatever is needed.”  I now realize that I must let go and let God.


After retiring as pastor, Reverend John Bowie continued to provide leadership and encouragement to the congregation.  Reverend Bowie and his wife, Lady Thelma remain committed members of the church.

John W. Bowie, Sr.

Pastor Emeritus